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Dear Friends,Namaste !We are continue with the series of Importance of Food to stay healthy according to Ayurveda...we discussed in our previous 2 blogs about 8 important aspect of food and 10 golden rules of eating food...Blog PhotoNow in this blog we will discuss about Twelve Principles of Eating food that is called ''Dwadasha Asana Vichara''Acharya Sushrut explained this wonderfully in Sushrut Samhita...That are Below...1.Food with cold potency2.Food with hot potency3.Oily food 4.Rough food5.Liquid Diet 6.Dry food 7.Single diet in day 8.Diet twice in day 9.Diet containing medicine 10.Diet in small quantity 11.Palliative diet 12.Normal diet Let's discuss in Detail...1.Food with cold potency-Persons suffering from thirst, heat, alcoholism and burning sensation and those who are suffering from internal hemorrhage,poisoning, fainting and should take this type of diet and drinks with judgement.2.Food with hot potencyThis type of food and drinks are suitable for persons suffering from disorders of Kapha and Vata and for those who have been given purification therapy. Similarly, those who are drinking sneha and are very dry (Ruksha) should take food with warm or hot potency.3.Oily food Persons with Vata constitution, rough skin, dry koshtha, having excessive sex and performing lot of physical exercise should always take unctuous food and drinks.4.Rough foodPeople suffering from obesity, have been received snehana and suffering from Prameha should take food in rough quality.5.Liquid Diet Patients who have developed dehydration, thirst and debility should be on liquid diet.6.Dry food Persons having lot of Kleda and have accumulated water, are suffering from wounds and Prameha should take dry diet.7.Single diet in dayPersons having weak Agni should eat only once in a day.8.Diet twice in day Those having good digestive power should eat two times a day.9.Diet containing medicine If the person has aversion for particular medicine, it should be mixed with food and given to him.10.Diet in small quantity Persons having low Agni should always eat small amount of food.11.Palliative diet Appropriate diet given in consideration of season and place.12.Normal diet Persons who are perfectly healthy should consume normal diet.We will continue with the importance of food and our upcoming blogs too...Kindly subscribe us on this website to keep updated with our blogs and start Living Healthy...Hope you all will like above post and i welcomes your feedback and comments…Have a pleasant week end ahead… Dr.Gaurang JoshiDr.Bhavna Joshi /img/208/Image Twitter
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  • Shirodhara Massage

    Atharva Ayurveda that offer shirodhara are careful to create a comfortable and tranquil environment with atmospheric background music and a soft treatment table.
    Lying on your back, your body will be cocooned in warmed towels and your head will be positioned under the oil ‘fountain’ – a metal bottle with a slow-flowing spout from which the oils will stream gently onto the forehead.

  • Abhyanga Massage

    Abhyanga, the Ayurvedic form of massage, functions as both a strengthening and reducing therapy. There are four main reasons for giving or receiving an Abhyanga:
      • The eliminate excess water and fat deposits
      • To purify the blood and tissues of toxins
      • To strengthen and rejuvenate
      • To maintain strength and balance

  • Panchakarma

    Panchakarma therapy is also used as a purification therapy to cleanse the body before starting a treatment. A diseased body can be compared to a soiled cloth which can not be colored as we desire. Hence to attain the maximum benefits , the body has to be purified or cleaned before starting the treatment.The cleared channels help medicines to penetrate the deeper tissues.

  • Research At Atharva Ayurved India

    Currently Doing Research Project Title “Clinical study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Polyherbal powder in patients with vitiligo.”with The Department Of Pharmaceuticals Sciences,Saurashtra University,Rajkot. Currently Doing One More Research Project Title “An open label study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Polyherbal formulations in patients with mild to moderate psoriasis”

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