Protect Your Skin with Ayurveda from Dryness related issues in Winter



Winter and skin care!


Winter is coming...!!! We need an army to fight! Yes we do.! Hey… we are talking about our skin during the winters. It's not easy tackling that dryness the winter will bring into our skin surfaces, Don't you think so.?


So we need an army that will fight those dry cracks and dropping humidity of the skin tissues and many more problems following the upcoming climatic transition. We need to take care of it.! Isn't it important to do so.? It definitely is.


So while most of us are busy running to meet the timelines and fit into our working schedules, let's not forget about the seasons and how they take a toll on our health inside out. It's time to give it a little thought.


What's special about winter and our Skin during the season?


Are you one who loves enjoying the cool breeze of December or going out to take part in the winter sports? 


Are you so tempted to skip the moisturizer as your entire body will be covered in warm winter clothes?


Are you waiting for spring which is already around the corner, so that you can show some skin which was covered all this while from the harsh winter?


You should know the risks of the 'winter skin' if you belong to any one of the above categories. Skin care is an important part no matter the season which might be settling in.


In the case of winter, apart from the very aura and energy of Christmas, everyone is excited, winter season can be a real threat to some people out there. The rashes and flaring up of the previous skin conditions due to the cold, and dry patches along with cracked and peeling skin are all the consequences people go through as a result of the 'winter blues'.


So here we are discussing the very common three skin issues in winter, which could be restored through natural skin care.


Cracked heels.


We know, it isn't a pleasant experience nor a pleasant sight. From the skin around the area getting cracked open to the same being painful, this has been an issue faced by a lot of people especially women. Hundreds of ointments, lotions and moisturizers in the market and at times they find it difficult to find one good product helping them to sort out the problem. And in most cases, they wait for the summer to set in and heal the tissue damage by itself.


Chapped lips.


Winter is all meant for getting cozy savoring the flavoured ginger tea and whooping the season up near a fireplace with the ones you love. What if in between you get a sight of the cells on your lips drying up and you find them chapped? One instant and you will start hating the cold because you are supposed to take care of your lips and the tender skin embracing them to help them be tolerable to the external stress.


Flaky skin.


Just like the ads you see everywhere before the winter even sets in, we know how dry our skin can get during the period. In winter when air in the atmosphere gets cold and dry it's a simple concept that the water inside our tissues will evaporate into the surroundings causing dehydrated, dry and tight skin. The same will further make the skin look flaky as well. The skin loses its ability to hold back the moisture and the same makes the skin look chapped.


Ayurvedic remedies for the winter skin.


To heal the skin from the harsh winter effects, you gotta start from the basics, in a herbal way. Rejuvenate, restore and balance all what was lost in the cold winds. Starting from,


Have a look at what you eat in every season.


Winter is the season characterised by cold and dry climate justifying the predominance of Kapha dosha with a strong Vata dosha influence. This is the season which brings about a moment of stillness amongst the mobile features of the previous fall and spring. So it's the time when most feel like hibernating which means a time period where we have a need to focus the energies back into ourselves.


A diet which would be pacifying Kapha without aggravating the Vata dosha should be adopted. With the digestive fire ignited in the season making us crave for more food in larger quantities to stay warm, what you need to keep in mind is to choose the food articles which are well spicy and flavoured by a combination of all six tastes. Cooked foods should be given the most priority, which are oily, warm, and root vegetables along with spices like garlic, chilli, black pepper etc.


Oil for your dried up tissues.


It's a method to restore the moisture and unctuousness of the tissues lost during the season due to cellular water evaporation. The youth and health will be restored via a regular oil massage specially by administering Shiro abhyanga  (oil massage of the head). The vital points in the entire body will be stimulated which will help the body heal from the excess dryness it has been suffering from for a prolonged period of time. Warm oil massage for your body with Vata or Kapha dosha specific oils would be a better option for best results.


Keep in check the hydration levels.


Dehydration as mentioned earlier should be balanced in and after the winter season. Make sure you serve your body with enough water that it needs. Avoiding the soaps or body washes during the season is important as it will dry up the skin further.

A dosha specific winter diet along with good water intake and oil administration definitely makes their way in healing your body out of the loss it suffered during the course of cruel winter.


Is there a regimen to follow during the winter season?


Yes there is. Extreme winter aka the Sisira ritu is considered as a season in the period of extraction (Adanakala) while the early winter aka Hemanta ritu is a season in the period of discharge (Dakshinayana kala) according to Ayurveda.


In early winter when the body will be supple and strong, in extreme winter the body loses its strength as the sun traverses to the very north of the equator making the air dry and extracting the water making the earth lose its moisture content.


So during the transitions one can choose the daily routine which will help the body to adopt and adapt to the atmospheric changes. Getting up a little early although you will be tempted to sleep in balled up inside the warm blankets, and shaking off that morning sluggishness with some good exercise followed by oil massage, administration of nasya oil helping to clear the respiratory passages, short daytime naps in between are little things to understand and keep in mind during the winter regimen planning.


Suitable diet, followed by necessary regimen corresponding to the climate and a proper understanding of one's own body and how it responds to external factors are all what you need to face the extreme winters. Let's not let that winter blues get you this time!

Dr.Gaurang Joshi

International Ayurveda Physician

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