How to Enhance Immunity through Ayurveda for the Prevention of Pandemic COVID-19



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Meeting you all after a long period, but this is right time to be with you all as we all are facing a global health crisis pandemic COVID-19, and the world scrambles to find a cure for COVID-19,

In Ayurveda Charak Samhita - Vimana Sthana - Chapter III is dedicated to "Jan-Padodwansa" explains that these Pandemics are caused by imbalance in general attributes of  Air, ( Vayu)  Water, ( Jala)  Country (Desha)  and Time (Kala) " 

The current disease- COVID-19 can be categorized in Ayurveda as overlap of  Dwandaj and  Sannipataj Jwara".

The name can be given as Vat-Shleshmik-  Pitta-Kafolavan Sannipaitik Jwara. A similar disease is described in Jwara chapter of Charak Samhita - C-Chi- 3/97 & 101 with above name. Ayurveda says "Fever  first came into existence due to feelings of "Parigreha"  or accumulation or wants of unnecessary material things.  Ch. Chi. Jwara - Chapter 3 - 14

Ayurveda is very advanced science and therefore in Ayurveda this has been described many years ago how we should take care of an infected person, how we need to keep distance from infected patient or a person who is in contact with infected patient, the word quarantine we are using for the isolation has been described in this sloka…

u प्रसंगात गत्रसंस्पर्शात नि:श्वासात सहभोजनात।

u सहशैयासनाष्चापी

u वस्त्रमल्यानुलेपनात

u कुष्टम ज्वरश्च शोषश्च नेत्राभिष्यंद एव

u औपसर्गिक रोगाश्च संक्रांमंती नरात नरम

means One who is infected with such disease avoid any kind of Physical touch, even keep yourself away from his breathe, don’t eat with, don’t share the bed,don’t use the clothe weared by the patient...

See how advanced Ayurveda regarding isolation of such infected patient...

Now Ayurveda also emphasised how this kind of infection take place in our body because of lack of Immunity, Now the word for overall immunity used in Ayurveda Text is Ojas, Ojas means essense of all tissues, Ojas means vital energy of the body, it prevades all tissues, Cells and spaces. The ultimate distillation of each tissue combined together and it is the main determinant of our immune status and hence our resistance to disease.

Now the word used for Immunity in Ayurveda is vyadhi kshamatwam (Resistance to disease)

u Vyadhi= disease

u Kshamatwa=resistance

u Also called ‘Bala’ in ancient texts

Now this Vyadhi Ksmatwa also of 2 types

u Vyaadhi bala virodhitvam=reducing the strength of the already manifested disease

u Vyadhi utpada pratibandhakatvam=prevention of the un manifested disease



Now this immunity is of 3 types…

u Sahaja: Congenital or Natural

u Kalaja: Related to Time, Season, Age

u Yukti kruta: Acquired

1.Sahaj ( Congenital or Natural Immunity

inherited- comes from the parents.The effect will be at the chromosomal level. Nothing can be done except to pacify the defects through various modalities of Ayurveda.

2.Kalaj Immunity- Related to time

Time of day, season, age, and place of birth link to immunity. Places with an abundance of water, ponds, cool and pleasant climatic conditions are kapha-dominating areas and contribute to stronger immunity. Strength is greater in the early morning, spring, and youth than in evening, summer and old age.

3. Acquired Immunity

Yukti kruta Bala represents acquired immunity, in which disease can be defended against through Ayurveda.Focuses on three plans for acquiring or enhancing immunity

u Satmya-suitable diet

u Vyayama-exercise

u Rasayana-rejuvenation

Now how Ayurveda explains to enhance our Immunity Ayurveda always believes that our food is the source of our Immunity but if our Agni (Digestive Fire) is low than whatever you eat can decrease our Immunity how let us know…

1. Agni (Digestion) & how to take care of it

Ayurveda believes that all diseases are a result of weak Agni. While An Epidemic/Pandemic happens due to spread of micro organisms it is found that those who have a weak digestive fire (weak agni) are more prone to infections and chances of the infection getting severe are also higher in them,One should therefore take steps to improve the function of agni,Some steps to improve Agni - – Take easily digestible & Light food, Practice intermittent fasting (Langhan) – Drink warm water, Add Cumin seeds to warm water and use throughout the day – Use digestive herbs like Chitrak, Vidang, Pippali, Sunthi, Miri (Trikatu) etc.

2.Kostha (Bowel) and ways to improve it

Kostha or the bowel habits is a reflection of digestion. In order to have good immunity it is important that we have clean Kostha. It is scientifically proven that millions of Microbiota living in our gut flora help to enhance our immunity and protect us from various infections including Pandemics and Epidemics, To have a clean Kostha a regular practice of Mrudu Virechan can be practiced. This can be done through various ways like – – Having milk – Having fruits & Vegatebles that help clean the bowel like grapes etc. – Making use of herbs like haritaki, Triphala, Lavanbhaskar, Avipattikar churna etc.

The type of Aahaar(Food)

u Aahar forms the core of the whole immunity plan as some food ingredients help to boost immunity while some can bring it down

u  Avoid everything that is primarily cold, stored and preserved for long like ice creams, pastries chocolates etc. and try to consume warm and fresh food items

u  Some specific fruits like Oranges, Sweet Lime, Lemon, grapes etc. are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants and help to boost immunity

u  All food items can be used after sprinkling them with dry ginger, turmeric powder, cumin powder etc. which will help to not only make them digestible but also to enhance immunity

Applying Oil, Gargling

As a part of daily Regimen Ayurveda strongly advocates two important things - – Nasya which is to be done daily is called as Pratimarsha Nasya – Nasya (instilling or applying oil) inside the nostrils helps to strengthen the upper respiratory tract commonly affected in viral infections. – Nasya also creates a physical barrier (Lipid barrier) and shields against the entry of micro organisms – Nasya can be done with Oils like Anu Taila, Til Taila or even coconut oil – Gandusha/Kavala -can be understood as gargling – Gandusha/Kavala helps to cleanse the throat, larynx and pharynx and reduces its swelling – Gandusha/Kavala can be done using churnas like Triphala Churna, Dashmool churna etc.

Abhayang-Body massage

Abhayang or medicated body massage is a way to enhance peripheral circulation and strengthen the muscles, joints and bones of the body. Massage of the specific area of check and thoracic region helps to improve strength of these muscles and thus help to expectorate the sputum, Abhayang in the chest and thoracic region is specially beneficial in children and old age individuals, Abhayang can be done using – Mahanarayan tel, Dashmool taila, Bala Ashwagandha taila etc.



u Vyayam or exercise is a well known regimen that help to build strength, stamina and immunity

u Various Yoga Asanas help to improve the core strength of body systems.

u One can practice those Yogas which have specific benefit for the respiratory system

u  Pranayama including Anuloma and Viloma exercises help to clean the respiratory tract and keep them healthy

u  Pranayama can be done as a practice of rhythmic exercise

Dhoopan-the natural way to sterilization

While various methods of fumigation and sterlization are done using chemical regents which may not be safe for long term use, it is better to use natural fumigation and sterlization techniques called as Dhoopan • Dhoopan is the Ayurvedic way of Dis-infection • Various herbs like Guggul, Neem, Karpoor, Laksha are used for the purpose of Dhoopan • Dhoopan techniques using herbs have been scientifically proven to have anti-microbial properties and safe for long term use.

Nidra (Quality sleep)

u Just as Aahar, Nidra (Sleep) forms a core for building and enhancing immunity

u Good sleep ensures the proper functioning of organs and is an integral part in the whole biological clock.

u  While adequate night time sleep is recommended, day time sleep has to be avoided

u  If one is not able to get natural and adequate sleep use of herbs like Ashwagandha, Jatamansi can be done

u  Also procedures like Shiro abhayang (Head massage) and Pada Abhayang (foot massage) is recommended)

Special care groups

u Certain groups are special care groups as they may naturally have low immunity and thus require extra precautions. These include - – Children – Pregnant and lactating women – Old age – Diseased individuals (Diabetics, heart patients etc.)

u These individuals should be given specific and continued care for their underlying problem • They should be kept nourished properly

u  They should be given specific immunity booster herbs on a regular basis like Amla, Guduchi, Mahasudarshan etc.

Now for this current COVID-19 pandemic we divided the disease condition in various stages and accordingly we can offer various Ayurveda treatment options.

1.Stage 0

In this stage we can include General Population, without any infection or exposure to Corona virus and  Boosting the body's immune system may help minimize the effects and hasten the recovery from the disease, if infected…

There are certain herbs like which can be used as Immunity boosting herbs –

u Amla -  Emblica officinalis

u Ashwagandha - Withania somnifera 

u  Giloy - Tinospora cordifolia

u Natural smoothies - Fruits, Vegetables - Green, Red Juice and Nuts

u Stage -1

u Corona Suspects & Quarantined at home/ Hospital or Positive travel history  ( Possible Exposure ) and infected with COVID-19 Asymptomatic patients may also include in this stage

u 1. Drink hot water daily  -

Why Hot Water is beneficial

u Because it's beneficial to digest the  "Ama ( Endotoxins)" , Balance the Doshas (Energies) , Absorption, drying and destruction of Mucus,  Improves appetite. Ch. Vi. Chapter 3 - 40

u  2. Gargles with hot water or salt and turmeric   or Alum 

u 3. Nasal Drops of Ghee, Mustard Oil or Anu Oil in each nostril - 2 drops once daily, morning after bathing

u Oil Pulling ( Kaval Dharan) - Coconut Oil - 2 to 3 times a day

u 6. For Immunity Boosting

u Golden Milk - Turmeric with Milk

u Tab.Giloy Ghanvati- 2 tablets twice a day with hot water

u Tab.or Cap.Ashwagandha – 2 Tabs/Caps Twice a day

u Trikatu Churna 2 gms with hot water twice a day

u Decoction of Dry Ginger Powder, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Licorice also can be given Twice a day.

By following above guidelines of Ayurveda One can easily prevent him/herself from such Viral Pandemic, so follow Ayurveda to stay healthy forever…

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