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Dear Friends,

 I’m on my tour to Bogota, Colombia , a Beautiful  Latin American country for the 2nd time and enjoying spreading Ayurveda conducting Seminars with the students of California College of Ayurveda and consulting patients.

The weather of Bogota is uneven that’s creating lots of Psychological problems and I’m observing people needs to understand the concept of Ayurveda here.There Diet.Life style is different than other part of the world and due to weather condition they are having Vata dominant personality.there arelots of questions in their mind regarding Ayurveda,Food and Life style when they are coming for the consultation.

So I would like to clear the concept of people of Latin America regarding Ayurveda that shall make them easy to understand Ayurveda and for better implementation for healthy living.

Ayurveda is not only a medicinal science but a complete science of life, A Comprehensive System with equal emphasis on the body, mind and spirit

Strives to restore the innate harmony of the individual

It is not only about treating sickness – preventing disease and enhancing health, longevity, vitality and happiness.

Offers a proven guide for a life of happiness,  vitality, love and purpose.

Human beings are not viewed as mere thinking physical machines, but

Rather as fields of intelligence in dynamic exchange with the energy and information of the environment

Ayurveda is based on 3 energies. 

Their balanced state is health and imbalance disease.

 VATA – the kinetic energy, movement,  division, growth, etc.

PITTA – the thermal energy, heat generation, intellect, sight, etc.

KAPHA – the potential energy

 Three Doshas (Tridoshas)

Tridoshas are Vata, Pitta & Kapha

Tridosha concept is applicable in living organisms

Tridoshas are biological entities responsible for structure, function and behaviour dimensions of all living organisms

Therefore human body mind constitution (Prakriti), diseases, Medicines and Food all has been categorized in Vata type, Pitta type and Kapha type.

But nothing is absolute pure; everything is permutation and combination of Tridoshas

Concept of Prakriti
(Body Mind Constitution and Temperament)

Concept of Prakriti (human constitution) is related to physiological attributes to health and disease.

Prakriti is determined by relative predominance of dosha in intra-uterine life of a fetus.

Prakriti is unchangeable throughout the life span, but

One can take remedial measures in diet and behavior suitable to his/her prakriti to maintain health and prevention of disease.

Objectives of Ayurveda-

There are 2 main objectives of Ayurveda

1.Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanama means to maintain the health of healthy person.

The factors responsible for prevention of illness and promotion of health are

Day regimen (Dinacharya)

Night regimen (Ratricharya )

Seasonal regimen (Rutucharya)

Seasonal Purification (Rutu anusara Shodhana)


2.Aturasya Vikara Prashmanamcha means to cure the disease from the route.

For the Curative aspects Ayurveda depends on

(1).Correct the Diet

(2).Correct The Life Style

(3).Herbs(Single or Formulation according to Dosha imbalance)

(4).Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment(Detoxification Treatment)

Now the people here in Latin America don’t know the correct diet also that also creating lots of problem,as you know Food(Diet) is always working as Medicine and they must understand the value of Diet in their life. Food is the prime necessity of life. Food which we eat is used for the maintenance and growth of the body. Food also provides energy for doing work. Proper nutrition also provides us good immunity.


Wholesome food & drinks having good color, smell, taste & touch are pleasing to senses & conducive to health. If they are taken in accordance with the rules, are useful for all living beings.

Some general Rules I would like to advise for the people of Latin America are as under…


1) Eat only when your body is naturally hungry. That means when you are selective in eating that is not true appetite. In real hunger you prefer to eat whatever is available at the moment.

2) Do not eat until your stomach has finished working on the previous meal.

3) Do not eat when you are very emotional, angry, worried or upset as this disturbs Agni.

4) Do not eat over or under.

5) Do not drink icy water before, during or after a meal. Coldness shocks the body, also inhibits Agni(Digestive Fire) and leads to formation of Ama(Toxin).

6) Do not eat food seating in front of TV and watching horror movies or any other serials.

7) Avoid incompatible food combinations.

8) Avoid foods you don’t like as they won’t satisfy the mind.

9) Avoid eating leftovers or reheated food as it will have little Vital energy alias Prana.

10) Eat wholesome foods that are pleasing to the senses.

11) Be grateful to the food you eat. Enjoy it in an atmosphere of respect & love.


There is a concept  of Raw Vegetables is developing globally but remember Ayurveda doesn’t emphasis on it, Ayurveda insists Cooked or Steamed Vegetables to eat.

People of Latin America loves to eat Meat (Red Meat),Chicken or other Animal products to balance their protein but it’s producing lots of diseases  due to In appropriate food combinations rather than using animal products kindly switch over to Lentils, Legumes, Whole grains which contains the reach Protein and it’s easy to digest and prevent you from lots of Diseases.


The Weather condition and uneven life style generating Stress among the people of Latin America and again Stress is nowadays a most triggering factor for all I would like to advise the people to overcome the stress by adopting the principals of Ayurveda in their life,to Overcome the stress you need to adopt Yog, Meditation as your part of life and some Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment like Shirodhara which is highly effective to distress your stress.

My observation  regarding diseases origination here in Latin America are

1. Head Ache(Migraine)

2. Digestive problems

3. Skin Diseases Like Psoriasis, Dry Skin,Vitiligo etc.

4. Cancer (Colon Cancer,Breast Cancer,Lung Cancer,Brain Tumors) etc.

5. Obesity

6. Arthritis

7. Depression and Anxiety

All above diseases are related to their Diet, Life style, Stress and weather condition and needs to be correct with proper implementation and administration of Ayurveda.

Namaste ! 

I'm consulting patients here at Bogota,Colombia,to book my appointment kindly email us at don't miss this opportunity...

Dr.Gaurang Joshi

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  • Shirodhara Massage

    Atharva Ayurveda that offer shirodhara are careful to create a comfortable and tranquil environment with atmospheric background music and a soft treatment table.
    Lying on your back, your body will be cocooned in warmed towels and your head will be positioned under the oil ‘fountain’ – a metal bottle with a slow-flowing spout from which the oils will stream gently onto the forehead.

  • Abhyanga Massage

    Abhyanga, the Ayurvedic form of massage, functions as both a strengthening and reducing therapy. There are four main reasons for giving or receiving an Abhyanga:
      • The eliminate excess water and fat deposits
      • To purify the blood and tissues of toxins
      • To strengthen and rejuvenate
      • To maintain strength and balance

  • Panchakarma

    Panchakarma therapy is also used as a purification therapy to cleanse the body before starting a treatment. A diseased body can be compared to a soiled cloth which can not be colored as we desire. Hence to attain the maximum benefits , the body has to be purified or cleaned before starting the treatment.The cleared channels help medicines to penetrate the deeper tissues.

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