Adrakh(Ginger)...An Important Herb-Anti Cancerous-The Most Sattvic of All Herbs and Spices...

Ginger Dear Friends,Hope this year will be a Healthy for you in all mean...and let's start with some informative way as we in India are fond of using various spices in our kitchen which are according to Ayurveda very useful to maintain the balance of all 3 doshas and equilibrium of all important Dhatus and channels of our body which helps us to stay any imbalance in it cause illness...Today we will discuss such One wonderful Herb and Spice which is now in the center of all scientific journals and might have heard the News about the importance of this wonderful spice called Adrakh(Ginger)... Kitchen Remedy-In India we are using it as a spice in our kitchen daily...but the current study done by One of the renowned University of state of Georgia,USA found it effective in Cancer Management...not only Management but it is definitely a Cancer preventive herb of Ayurveda... According to Ayurveda-The Wonderful treasure of Healing Herbs from India, Ayurveda, esteems Ginger as the most valuable herb with excellent medicinal properties. Ginger (Zingiber officinale) known as Gingembre in French, Ingwer in German Zanzabil in Arabic & Persian texts and fresh variety as known as Ardhrakam in Sanskrit or Adrakh in common Indian texts, is cultivated in many parts of India on a large scale in the warm moist regions, chiefly in Madras, Cochin and  Travancore and to a somewhat less extent in Bengal & Punjab. Ayurveda Pharmacopoeia-Ginger's Scientific name is Zingiber Officinale,which is consider to be the most Sattvic of all Herbs and Spices...According to Ayurveda it is Katu-rasam(Bitter Taste)Ushna- Viryam(Hot Potency)Vata-Kapha-Har-Prabhavam(Blemish Correcting effect on Air and Phlegam)Katu-Vipakam(Pungent After effect)Laghu-Snigdha-Gunam(Mild and Unctous Property) and valuable as remedy for Kapha and Vata Disorder.It is also regarded as Vishava-bheshaj (the universal medicine) & Maha-aushadhi(Wide-spectrum medicine). A very important concept in Ayurveda is that of Agni (the digestive and  metabolic fire).Ginger extracts have been extensively studied for a broad range of biological activities including antibacterial, Anti convulsant, Analgesic, Antiulcer, Gastric Anti secretory, Anti tumor, Anti fungal, Anti spasmodic, Anti allergenic, and other activities. Gingerols have been shown to be inhibitors of prostaglandin biosynthesis. Scientific studies show that gingerol, one of the primary pungent principles of ginger, helps counter liver toxicity by increasing bile secretion. Ginger has potent anti-microbial and anti-oxidant (food preservative) qualities as well. A recent study, furthering ginger's reputation as a stomachic, shows that acetone and methanol extracts of ginger strongly inhibits gastric ulceration. In traditional medicine, removing toxin is one of the major use of ginger.Recent Research as Anti Cancerous Herb-The University of the state Georgia has currently conducted a research on this great Herb of India and found 6-Shogaol,an active consituent of Ginger,inhibits breast cancer cell invasion.they wrote in their Abstract about this research study It is appreciated far and wide that increased and regular consumption of fruits and vegetables is linked with noteworthy anticancer benefits.Extensively consumed as a spice in foods and beverages worldwide,Ginger is an excellent source of several bioactive compounds such as Gingerols,Paradols,Shogaols and Gingerones.They show that whole Ginger extract(GE) exerts significant growth-inhibitory and death-inductory effects in a spectrum of prostate Cancer cells.Comprehensive studies have confirmed that GE perturbed cell-cycle progression,impaired reproductive capacity,modulated cell-cycle and apoptosis regulatory molecules and induced a capase-driven,mitochondrially medicated apoptosis in human prostate cancer cells.also GE found to be 10,000 time more effective than Chemo Therapy.(Reference-Department of Biology,Georgia State University,Atlanta,GA 30303,USA).Ginger has been known to display Anti-Inflammatory,Anti Oxidant and Anti Proliferative activities,indicating a Chemopreventive agent.So now on wards start using Ginger as your Kitchen spice on daily basis which is definitely going to be the most effective Cancer preventive Herb,we in India use this wonder Herbs by various ways in our daily food and that is the reason of staying Healthy...We hope you all definitely like the scientific information on Ginger and do write us your feedback...we are waiting to hear from you...Also don't forget to subscribe our news later so we can reach to you when we post the latest blog...It's Makar Sankranti(Kite Flying) festival in India and also a festive of Lohri in North India...we at atharva Ayurveda Wishes you all a very happy Makar Sankranti and Happy Lohri...Dr.Gaurang JoshiDr.Bhavna Joshi /img/208/Image Twitter @drgaurangjoshi
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